OUR Values


The best time to do something right is the first time. We double check our work so that our clients can rest assured. We want results and the best. 


We choose to share more rather than less. We strive to match our actions with our words in order to build trust internally and with our clients


We strive to stay on the cutting edge of new digital technology in order to best amplify the missions of the churches and nonprofits that we serve.


As we work with clients and with our team we choose to be positive and thankful everyday. We choose to work energetically and have fun.


We implement our clients requests but also take initiative in finding ways to help them succeed. We go the extra mile to make sure our clients know they are heard and taken care of.


In all that we do and say, we seek to use our gifts and abilities to glorify our Creator.

our story

 Click Nonprofit was originally founded with the goal to help churches and nonprofits maximize the value of the Google Ad Grant. We knew how important effective advertising was in helping these churches and nonprofits expand their reach and do more good. But we also saw the gap between their big goals and small marketing budgets. This is what got us excited about the Google Ad Grant with its $10K per month in free advertising.

We were surprised to find that most churches and nonprofits had no idea that this $10K advertising grant existed! Those that knew about it, didn’t know how to maximize the spend or drive results.

So, we developed a strategy to maximize the Google Ad Grant—and it worked. We wanted every church and nonprofit to know about it. After helping dozens of clients, we started applying the same strategy to help them with their overall Google search presence—both paid advertising and organic search (SEO). We were then helping our clients not only maximize the Google Ad Grant, but develop high quality content for their target market, appear at the top of Google search (without ads), show up locally on maps, and more.

As we grow, we continue to innovate and expand our marketing services to help churches and nonprofits amplify their impact. We’ve loved the journey and are excited to serve our clients better every day.

Connect with our team 

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