Google Search Ads For Churches

Helping churches grow locally in a competitive market.

Spotify Ads for Churches

Does Your Church Show Up On Google Search?

When someone types in ‘Church Near Me’ within your city, does your church show up? Using paid Google Search Ads ensures you show up for this competitive search. It’s that simple! 

What Are Paid Google Search Ads?


Paid Google Search Ads are a completely separate account from the Google Ad Grant. With standard Google Ads, you set the budget that you are willing to spend, and then we manage the ads for you. Generally, when you set your budget, you only pay for the clicks you actually get! Paid Google Ads will always rank above the Google Ad Grant. This is especially useful when you are trying to rank for a highly competitive keyword like ‘church near me.’ 

What To Expect

Get expert-managed, flexible, and affordable Standard Google Ad management with clear reports.


We will create and set up your standard Google Ads account for you (if you don’t already have one).

Flexible Plans

We offer month-to-month plans that that are flexible. We strive to make things easy for our clients with no obligations.

Google Ads Certified

Our team of talented and cause-minded individuals are Google Ads Certified and know the ins and outs of Google Ads

Regular Optimization

We optimize your ads and campaigns on a weekly basis. Every week, we look for ways to increase traffic and conversions.

Customized, Detailed Reports

We send detailed reports on a monthly basis. We also customize our reports based on client needs and give clients 24/7 live access to reports.

Keyword Research & Content

We regularly perform in-depth keyword research and provide content strategies to our clients that help maximize the value of Google Ads and also increase organic rankings (SEO).


How To Get Started

Spotify Ads for Churches


Schedule a Free Strategy Call

During the call, we would love to hear more about your organization and your goals (we will do some research on your website beforehand). One of our strategy experts will provide a strategy on how to grow your organization and achieve your goals. If there’s a mutual fit, we can explore our process and services, the Google Ad Grant, Search Engine Optimization, content strategies, and more.


Choose A Package

After the Strategy Call, you should have a good idea of what package is best for your organization and goals. The packages can include Google Ad Grant management, SEO, online content strategies, social media management, and more. We will let you know our thoughts on which package is the best fit.


Grow Your Organization

After you choose your package, our team will get to work and help you grow your nonprofit. We’ll do all the heavy lifting allowing you to focus your valuable time on what you do best. You’ll get regular reporting from us so that you can see how your organization is growing. If after the first month you are not 100% satisfied with the results, we won’t charge you! It’s really that easy.

Schedule A Free Strategy Call

We will give you a call at your own convenience! We’d love to hear more about your organization and goals, provide you with a strategy on how to grow, and explore various solutions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Katie Mayberry

Click Nonprofit has been amazing- always responsive, courteous, friendly, very knowledgeable about digital advertising efforts. We worked with them for Search, display, and YouTube advertising. They helped us build out some major campaigns and always reported back results and recommendations. I am hugely grateful for partnering with Click Nonprofit over the past year. I highly recommend them to anyone needing similar services.

Brooke Stempert

Over the past 3 years working with Click Nonprofit, we’ve grown a true partnership – and we’re so grateful for the expertise of Luke, Judson and their team of Google Ad Savvy professionals! We’ve gone from experimenting with Google Ads, to a robust Google Ads system, running YouTube Ads and even Local Search Ads. Their work and recommendations have made a huge impact on our digital presence at Liquid Church!

Roscoe Lilly

Google is constantly changing. It’s too much to keep up with. Use the experts so you can focus on what you’re great at! Spend your time ministering to the new people they will help you reach instead of trying to figure out Google. Not only are they good at what they do, they’re some of the nicest people to partner with. I’m so glad we did!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay Click a service fee AND Google a fee for the ads?

Yes! We charge $299 to run a Church Near Me campaign. We offer discounts if you are already using our Google Grant service. This campaign will have 1-2 ad groups specifically optimized and managed to show up when someone googles ‘Church Near Me.’ In addition to our service fee, you may decide how much per month you’d like to spend on the ads. 

How is this different from the Google Ad Grant?

Google has stated that they will always rank paid ads higher than the ad grant. This means that with really competitive searches like ‘church near me’ it’s very difficult to even show up with the Google Ad Grant. This is no issue with paid ads! You tell us what to spend, and we make sure you get the clicks!

What if I want you to just run an ad for a specific time of year for a specific event?

We definitely want to work with you on pricing! In general, if you hire us to have an evergreen ad that stays up continually, this will be cheaper than creating a one time ad group that will need to be taken down. That being said, we pride ourselves on creating custom packages for clients’ needs. Schedule a call with us and we will create a plan for you!

Schedule A Free Strategy Call

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