10 Sermon Ideas For Pastors

Written by Luke Pahlau

2nd April 2024

Table Of Contents

Sermon Ideas:
  1. What is Biblical Marriage?
  2. What is Sin?
  3. Who is Jesus?
  4. What Does the Bible Say About Money and Tithing?
  5. What Does the Bible Say About Work?
  6. How to Be a Good Parent
  7. Are Heaven and Hell Real?
  8. What Does the Bible Say About Hope?
  9. Is the Bible True? 
  10.  How to Pray

Looking for sermon ideas and sermon topics? As pastors, the responsibility of delivering insightful and inspiring sermons is paramount in guiding and nurturing our congregations. Whether addressing theological questions or offering practical guidance for daily living, each sermon presents an opportunity to delve deeper into the teachings of the Bible and the core tenets of our faith.

Each of these sermon ideas offers a rich opportunity to engage your congregation with the truths of scripture and to inspire your congregation to live out their faith with greater depth and conviction. By prayerfully considering these topics and weaving them into your sermons, you can equip your congregation to grow spiritually and impact the world for Christ.

At Click, we value giving recommendations based on data. We included the average number of Google searches for each sermon idea! Many of these topics get a lot of Google searches because they are topics that people are actively looking for answers to. 

Here are 10 sermon ideas that can engage, challenge, and uplift your congregation:

10 Sermon Ideas

#1: What Does the Bible Say About Money and Tithing?

Delve into the biblical teachings on money, generosity, and stewardship. Discuss the principles of tithing and financial stewardship, emphasizing the importance of using our resources to further God’s kingdom. 

Google Search Data: 

  • what does the bible say about money? – 1,600 Google searches/month
  • what does the bible say about giving? – 720 Google searches/month

P.S. – Did you know that about 35% of Jesus’s parables were about money? The parable of the talents and the parable of the rich fool are some of the most popular. 

#2: Who is Jesus?

Dive into the identity of Jesus Christ, exploring his divinity, humanity, and significance in the salvation of humanity. Help your congregation deepen their understanding of Jesus as Savior, Teacher, and Lord.

Google Search Data: 

  • who is jesus? – 12,100 Google searches/month
  • is jesus real? – 9,900 Google searches/month
#3: What is Sin?

Examine the nature of sin, its consequences, and the importance of repentance and forgiveness in the Christian journey of faith. Reflect on the ways sin manifests in our lives and how we can find freedom and grace in Christ.

Google Search Data: 

  • what is sin? – 14,800 Google searches/month

#4: What is Biblical Marriage?

Explore the biblical foundations of marriage, its purpose, and the roles of husbands and wives as outlined in scripture. Address culture’s view of marriage and how the Bible’s perspective of marriage blends with current culture’s view of marriage.

Google Search Data: 

  • what does the bible say about marriage? – 9,900 Google searches/month
  • what makes a good marriage? – 590 Google searches/month
  • how to have a happy marriage – 320 Google searches/month

#5: What Does the Bible Say About Work?

Explore the biblical perspective on work, diligence, and the significance of our labor. Offer insights on how our vocations can be a means of glorifying God and serving others with excellence.

Google Search Data:

  • bible verses about work – 3,600 Google searches/month
  • leadership in the bible – 1,900 Google searches/month

Pro Tip: Check out Timothy Keller’s ministry regarding faith and work. Here is a sermon from Timothy Keller about why our works matter as believers.

#6: How to Be a Good Parent

Provide biblical wisdom and practical advice for raising children and teaching them to be godly individuals. Address common challenges faced by parents and offer guidance rooted in scripture.

Google Search Data:

  • how to be a good dad – 1,900 Google searches/month
  • how to be a good mom – 1,600 Google searches/month
  • bible verses about parenting – 5,400 Google searches/month

#7: Are Heaven and Hell Real?

Examine the biblical teachings on the afterlife, including heaven, hell, and eternal life. Discuss how heaven and hell influence the decisions and choices we make in daily life. 

Google Search Data:

  • is heaven real? – 9,900 Google searches/month
  • is hell real? – 8,100 Google searches/month

#8: What Does the Bible Say About Hope?

Explore the theme of hope in scripture, highlighting God’s faithfulness, promises, and provision. Encourage your congregation to find strength and courage in the hope we have in Christ, even in the midst of trials.

Check out these verses about hope to tie into your sermon:

  • Romans 15:13 – “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”
  • Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”
  • Romans 12:12 – “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

Google Search Data:

  • bible verses about hope – 18,100 Google searches/month
  • how to find hope – 480 Google searches/month
  • meaning of life – 33,100 Google searches/month

#9: Is the Bible True?

Address common questions and doubts about the reliability and authority of scripture. Present evidence for the trustworthiness of the Bible and affirm its role as the inspired word of God.

Google Search Data:

  • is the bible true – 5,400 Google searches/month
  • is the bible real – 5,400 Google searches/month
  • how do I know the bible is true – 2,400 Google searches/month

P.S. – Check out Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ for a deep dive into the reliability of the Bible. 

#10: How to Pray

Provide practical guidance on prayer, exploring different forms of prayer, the importance of persistence, and the power of praying in alignment with God’s will. Encourage your congregation to deepen their prayer lives and experience intimacy with God.

Google Search Data:

  • how to pray – 27,100 Google searches/month
  • does prayer work? – 1,000 Google searches/month

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