4 Best Google Ad Grant Agencies for Churches

4 best google ad grant agencies for churches

Written by Valerie Riese

31st July 2023

Most nonprofits begin with big goals and small budgets, so advertising is the key to getting awareness and supporters. In this article, we’ll tell you about the best Google Ad Grant agencies for churches to help you make the most of $10,000 in advertising every month. 

Click Nonprofit

Click Nonprofit is the leader in nonprofit SEO and Google Ad Grant management because it’s why we exist and it’s all we do. In fact, Click founder Judson Aulie has been helping ministries maximize the Google Ad Grant for almost a decade. 

After graduating from Wheaton College in Illinois, one of the best Christian colleges in America, Judson served as the marketing director of LeaderTreks. He helped the ministry use the full $10,000 Google Ad Grant monthly and rank for important youth ministry keywords on Google. 

If you search for “youth ministry,” LeaderTreks is #6. For those who aren’t SEO experts, just know that broad terms like “youth ministry” are the hardest to rank for and it takes a long time to get there.

We see over 5,000 new website visitors every month from the Google Ad Grant.

—Doug Franklin
President, LeaderTreks Youth Ministry

As Judson and the team at LeaderTreks celebrated their growth, he discovered most churches and ministries didn’t know about the Google Ad Grant. Those that did either used less than $300 of the $10,000 each month, or they lost the grant when they fell out of compliance. 

That’s when Judson found his calling to amplify the impact of churches and nonprofits through digital marketing. In all that we do and say at Click, we seek to use our gifts and abilities to glorify God, so we focus on one thing, and we do it well. 

Google Ad Grant Services

Our Google Ads Certified team enables nonprofits and churches to reach thousands of people with the Google Ad Grant. We focus on boosting your churches’ visibility on Google through SEO techniques, content creation, and Google Ad management.

We Know Google

We are a Google Partner and work closely with Google, so we really understand the Google brand. That’s why other agencies consult Click Nonprofit for help with their own Google Ad Grant administration.

Acquisition Included

Other agencies charge large fees for ad grant acquisition, but we include the grant acquisition as part of any management plan, which saves churches hundreds of dollars. 

Compliance Experts

We maintain the grant monthly because of our ad grants managers’ expertise in compliance rules and monitoring clients’ accounts.

Local SEO

We handle both global and local SEO, so churches appear at the top of Google when people search for “churches near me.”

They really helped us grow into an established church, and people tell us that they find us because of searching on Google or searching on Google Maps… I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Calla from Icon Church

Increased Organic Presence

SEO is kind of like a spiral. Once it picks up momentum, it feeds itself. Our clients see an increase in both their organic and paid presence. As part of our Ad Grant management plans, our team provides recommendations on blog content based on our in-depth keyword research. This content helps churches rank at the top of Google organically. 

They provide recommendations every month that we’ve been able to implement not only for our Google AdWords presence, but for our organic SEO as well. Grateful for them!!!

Brooke Stempert
Communications Manager, Liquid Church

Use Every Penny

Our Certified Ad Grant Managers know ins and outs of the grant so churches use the full $10,000 month after month. That’s a total of $120,000 in free advertising every year.  

We went from only being able to utilize $300 per month to maximizing the full $10k every month with an average click-through-rate of over 5 times the industry average.

Doug Franklin
President, LeaderTreks Youth Ministry

Best Service

At the end of the day, we’re all here to serve God, so our values are more than a fuzzy list with fun icons. We review them, we talk about them, and we live them, and our clients notice.

Click Nonprofit has been amazing- always responsive, courteous, friendly, very knowledgeable about digital advertising efforts

Katie Mayberry
Digital Director, Mariners Church

Fully Transparent, Accessible Reports

We send a detailed performance report every month with customized recommendations for each client. Our clients have 24/7 access to the reports, and we talk about the results and next steps during quarterly strategy calls. You can only fix what you know isn’t working, so we’re very transparent with the results, even when it’s hard.

Best of all, their reporting provided us insights we never had before into the topics that our audience members want to read about most. I highly recommend this company. They know what they’re doing!

Katie Appold
Executive Director, Nonprofit Hub and Do More Good

SEO Optimized Content Strategy

We do more than just ads. Our team includes content strategists as well, which means we work with our clients to formulate a strategy to meet the needs people are searching for. Instead of running ads on what you’re already doing, we help you increase your Google presence and get more visitors to your church. 

SEO Web Content Writing Team

Don’t have time to write? That’s okay, we do! Our content writers are Christians with a passion to spread the Gospel, just like you. We can write quality, SEO-optimized blog content (like this one!) that reflects both the voice and the needs of your church.

Quality SEO Optimized Content

We consistently provide quality content on our blog to help our clients learn more about digital advertising, the Google Ad Grant, and how to amplify their impact. 


Packages start at $399/month. Each of our packages are month to month with no long-term contracts.

Additional add-ons are also available, including:

  • Live Stream Installation
  • Sermon Library Installation and optimization
  • Facebook ads management
  • SEO-optimized blog posts for popular felt needs topics, written by their experienced, professional content writing team
  • Local SEO without Ad Grant Management

We believe the church should always be first  when people search for answers to life’s problems. Click Nonprofit is a recognized industry expert in nonprofit SEO optimization and Google Ad Grant management. We not only help our clients consistently use $10,000 worth of ad clicks every month, but also consult and support other marketing agencies to do the same. 


Reliant Creative

Reliant Creative, the sister company of Click Nonprofit, is a nonprofit, full-service, creative marketing agency based in Idaho. Run by a StoryBrand Certified Guide, Reliant specializes in partnering with ministries to tell engaging stories that mobilize the church through cinematography, photography, content writing services, custom websites, brand messaging, and augmented staffing.  

Google Ad Grant Services

In partnership with Click Nonprofit, Reliant Creative offers a free consultation call and acquisition. Certified Google Ads experts and content strategists will manage the grant, optimize your ads through analytics and keyword research, and keep you informed through detailed monthly reports.


Contact for pricing.


Luminate Marketing is a premium, full-service agency offering social media marketing, branding, design and more to help illuminate the messages of Christ in the world.

Google Ad Grant Services

As a certified Google Ad partner, the team at Luminate leverages the grant to help clients get found online through ads and search engine optimization. 


Google Ads services start at $1,500 per month. 


Goldenrealm Media

Goldenrealm is a creative marketing agency that combines their expertise in full-stack marketing to help nonprofits pursue holistic goals through branding, strategy, and video production.

Google Ad Grant Services

Goldenrealm will help your organization design ad optimized campaigns and follow up with monthly reports and quarterly strategy calls. 


Pricing for Goldenrealm’s services starts at around $2500/month. Contact them for more information regarding the cost of Google Ad Grant management. 


In this blog post, we explored the top Google Ad Grant agencies for churches, each offering unique ways to maximize the impact of the $10,000 monthly advertising allowance. Admittedly, we’re a bit biased, but we believe Click Nonprofit is a clear leader because Google Ad Grant management is all we do. 

We also realize every ministry has different needs, so we’re pleased to provide a comparison chart to help you determine which agency is best for your Google Ad Grant needs. 

You can also check your Google Ad Grant eligibility in two minutes, or contact us for a free consultation call.

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